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Mr. Kite
4 Mr. Kite
Mr. Kite and His 9 Brothers Kite   and Some of His Other Kites
Mr. Kite and Frogee in Santa Barbara
Craig and His Cow at
Clear Lake Iowa
Mr. Kite at Santa Barbara
Kite Festival 2004
Craig and his Yellow Hat
And Test Patten Kite
Mr. Dragon All 450 Feet of Him and Mr. Kite
at Milwaukee
Mr. Kite at Golden Vally  Flying Colors
Mr Kite at Milwaukee  
And His Freedom Kite
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Blue Forgee in Santa Barbara
The First 9 Brothes
Craig at Summett Lake Indiana
July 1993
Jelly Bean Rokkakus
My 1st Ripstop Kite 1st Placed Flying Colors
St Paul Minnesota
Look Jane  Look  Mr. Kite's  Kites
Run Spot Run
Mr. Dragon Milwaukee 2008
# 6 of the 9 Brothers