Super Chutes
Super Chutes by Mr. Kite
Standard  16" in Diameter
Chutes for Winch or High Start
F3b    is    10" in Diameter
All Custom Made with over
20 colors to chose from
Cost $30 each  
ped   in the USA  
Delta in the Chute Patch
For Model Sailplanes And Gliders
Some of Mr. Kites Sailplanes
As you can see many colors to chose from
Made To Open
Made to work  
Ever Time
Made With 1oz Kite
Made with Welded
Steel Rings
Made to Last
Made With 125lb      
Test Lines
Made in the USA
Made in the Colors
You Want and Like
Delta the Sailplane Watchdog
I Take PayPal, MO, Ck
Swing by IBA
Sagitta 900 by Airtronics
Custom Made
just  For You
Akro by Multiplex
Mini Nimbus by Graupner
The Only Way to Fly
Windsong by Dodgson Designs
Angle by Craig
Over 1800  Super Chutes out there
1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8"  Rings
All Chutes shipped with Top
ring unless Requested
To Order       
Welded Steel Rings in 1/2",5/8",3/4", and
7/8"     $1.00 each   +$5.00 for  
shipping       Free shipping if send with a
Super Chute
Oly F3e by Craig
New Colors for 2015
Video on how to set up the Under
Dog Chutes
Thanks to Dave Olson and Kyle Paulson for this video
The New Swing II
Angle 1 and 2
Bird of Time
Over 600 Underdog Chutes out  there
Telling what kind of chute that your are
looking for ..Colors and Ring size..
The USA F3bTeam Used  Mr. Kite Chutes
Also The  Underdog  Chute  
Yes i have 2
HighJacker II by Dodgson
Send an E-mail to
Or Call Mr. Kite
Craig's  Toys
These are not done yet  They come with line sew in  
Underdog Chutes are just one color per chute
Can be made in  the color you want  NO RINGS
"Woodys Forever"
 Under Dog Chutes are   Made
on Order  Only
Sky Bench are putting
Super Chutes in there
High Starts